Our skilled professional therapists from EntireCare Rehabilitaion & Sports Medicine, a service of Verde Valley Medical Center, will help you through your rehabilitation from joint replacement surgery.

Many patients scheduled for surgery are admitted the evening before and receive surgery the next day. Patients then recover together on a dedicated unit sharing meals, activities and rehabilitation together. This exchange with fellow hip and knee replacement patients puts the focus on wellness, group activity and self care. The interaction improves opportunities for a speedy recovery.

While patients recover, they begin to resume activities of daily living with the help of our support team. Members of the team teach proper positioning, range of motion and strengthening exercises, and recovery techniques tailored to individual needs. The team assists patients first in sitting up at the bedside, then standing and progressing to walking with the assistance of a walker or crutches. Each patient also will practice climbing stairs prior to leaving the hospital.

Additionally, videos and daily newsletters are available as a guide through the recovery process.